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Overview and Instructions

G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc. has provided this site as a secure place for employees and other individuals (contractors, vendors, former employees, etc.) to report questionable activity in the work environment or activity that interferes with the safe, legal, ethical or orderly conduct of everyday business.

Click on a category to see sub-categories and definitions:

Theft Theft of company property
Drugs or Alcohol Drugs or Alcohol
Unauthorized Smoking Unauthorized smoking.
Violence / Threat of Violence Workplace acts of violence
Safety Workplace safety issues
Other Security Concerns Other Security Concerns.
Harassment Conduct creating an offensive work environment.
Discrimination Decisions that affect one's employment which are made based on the employee's age, disability, ethnicity/national origin, gender, marital or pregnancy status, race, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status.
Complaints against Management Complaints against Management
Complaints against Co-worker Complaints against Co-worker.
Complaints about working conditions Complaints about working conditions.
Complaints regarding work schedule Complaints regarding work schedule.
Unfair Termination or Discipline Unfair Termination or Discipline.
Payroll Concerns Payroll Concerns.
Benefits Issue Benefits Issues.
Other HR Concerns Other HR Concerns.
Destruction of financial documents Destruction of financial documents.
Violation of company or GAAP standards Violation of company or GAAP standards.
Accounting or business practice fraud Accounting or business practice fraud.
Conflict of Interest Conflict of Interest.
Pricing Fixing Pricing Fixing.
Improper receipt of gifts or compensation Improper receipt of gifts or compensation.
Mischarging of time or expense Mischarging of time or expense.
Audit Concerns Audit Concerns.
Internal Controls Internal Controls.
Senior Management / Board Concerns Senior Management / Board Concerns.
Other Financial Concerns Other Financial issues.

How to use this site

Filing a Report

Step 1:

Click on File a Report

After selecting the option to File a Report, you will be prompted to answer a series of questions regarding the incident you are reporting. It is very important that you are as thorough and detailed as possible when providing information.

You should allow 10 to 15 minutes to complete the report. This site will not allow you to save a partially completed report. Your information will not be saved until you review and submit your report.

For many types of incidents, you may submit your report anonymously. However, if you feel that the incident you are reporting has resulted in harm to you, you are strongly encouraged to provide your name so that the incident can be investigated to the fullest extent possible.

Important note: When filing a report, if you do not take any action within a period of 30 minutes, your session will expire and the information you have entered will be lost.

Step 2:

Complete the questionnaire. You have up to 45 minutes to complete this report.

Step 3:

Review and Submit your Report

After you complete all required information, you will be given an opportunity to review your report and make any changes. You will then be asked to certify the information and then to submit the report.

Once you submit your report, the contents can never be changed. However, you may add follow-up comments at any time.

Step 4:

Write down your Password and Report Number

After you submit your report, you will be prompted to create a password. In addition, you will receive a report number.

You will need the password and report number to access your report in the future. The password and report number will not be provided to you again, so make sure you make a note of this important information and keep it in a safe place.

Step 5:

Review the timeframe in which you can expect an updated status or follow-up questions or comments

Finally, a timeframe will be provided to give you a guideline of when you should check the status of your report. By accessing the Check Report Status page, you will be able to check the status of the investigation of your report, add any follow-up comments and determine if the case investigator has any follow-up questions or comments for you.
Check Report Status

After a Report is Filed

Step 1:

Investigation of your Report

Once you submit your report, the information is sent to a case investigator. The case investigator will review your report, perform the appropriate investigation and ensure that the appropriate resolution is made.

Step 2:

Check for follow-up questions or comments from the case investigator

The case investigator may post follow-up questions or comments for you. By accessing the Check Report Status page periodically, you can determine if there are any outstanding questions or messages which require your response.

This step is particularly important if you have filed your report anonymously, since the case investigator will not be able to contact you any other way.

Remember, you’ll need your report number and password to access your report.

Step 3:

If necessary, add follow-up comments to your report

If you determine that you forgot to include a detail in your initial report, or if additional activity occurs relating to the incident(s) you reported, you may add follow-up comments to your report at any time by accessing your report through the Check Report Status page. The case investigator will be notified when you add additional comments.

Step 4:

Check the status of your report

By accessing Check Report Status, you can obtain a quick snapshot of the status of the investigation of your report. Although the case investigator will be in contact with you (unless you filed an anonymous report), this feature allows you to monitor the investigation and resolution of your report.